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Insurance companies will want to bargain. We fight to ensure a full-scope appraisal. We can get your policy benefits paid.


We advocate for home and business owners who are unsuccessful resolving a dispute regarding claim repayment.


We take appellate advocacy to heart. We work around the clock to formally identify and appeal any prior judgments.

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The Elusive "Great Case"

Lawyers do not get many opportunities to litigate great cases as great cases settle. The reason is simple: if the liability and damages were clear, the Defendant would settle early to avoid the high risk of losing at trial. In insurance property bad faith claims, liability is hard to establish, and that is why proper case development is so important. In my time litigating insurance property bad faith cases, one thing is for sure - insureds and their advocates do not properly communicate with the insurance companies during the adjustment of the claim. For example, our firm recently handled a case where before litigation, the insurance company opened coverage (i.e. agreed a full roof replacement was warranted) and then...

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What our clients say

Real People, Real Problems, Real Solutions.

  • Our insurance company only wanted to pay for 1/2 of the roof (even though 100% of it was damaged by hail). David's team opened a dialogue with our insurer and settled the claim in 3 weeks for TWO TIMES the amount. We literally owe him the roof over our heads.

    Charlie Stevens
  • Thanks to David, we battled State Farm and WON! I was terrified of taking on a huge corporation by myself, that's why I called for help. I was shocked at how little I had to do after making the first phone call. Thanks guys!

    Grayson Wright
  • I knew I was in trouble when the insurance company was asking me to sign some paperwork immediately after a recent storm hit my shop. My gut told me to find help - Mr. Furtado had helped a friend of mine, so I called him directly. Thankfully I didn't agree to the lesser amount, we went to appraisal, and I'm still in business.

    Eric Schumer
  • Our warehouse was stuck in the appraisal process for almost a year. 2 weeks after we emailed David, our insurance company settled. We did very well. I wish I could say more!

    Samantha Ruckman

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